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Training modules for school heads and teachers (MOOC)


You are headmasters, teachers, researchers or mode broadly interested in education ?
You are involved in a process of innovation, transformation linked to digital or you would like to get involved ? You are asking yourself questions related to the deployment of digital technology in your establishment : governance, management, teaching, organization, training and professional development.

So, don’t hesitate any longer and join the ANGE MOOC (anchoring of digital technology in the governance of institutions) and the pan-European and international team of headmasters, teachers, researchers from partner countries of the European Erasmus + project : Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Finland, Quebec and France.

We do not have ready-made answers to your questions, but we invite you to share our experiences, our questions, our analyzes, as well as many resources, to help you build your own path of transformation. See you soon on FUN MOOC ! Registrations are open on November 19 2020, until May 2021 and the MOOC itself will open in early January 2021.


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