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What is the Classlab concept ?

ANGE’s Class Lab is a laboratory to support change in education related to digital technologies and governance in education (i.e. the way that educational organizations are managed at the highest level, and the systems for doing this).

Its goal is to be a lever of transformation of the establishment.

It is organized into a learning community made up of stakeholders : researchers, trainers, school heads, teachers, parents, students, professionals, local partners, etc.

These learning communities make it possible to accompany experiments as close as possible to the field, thus becoming continuous training for teams, teachers and school heads. The concept of Class Lab is based on a 21st century conception of skills development of education actors and learners in the training institution.

The approach of Class Labs ANGE communities is the one of action research. It is based on methodological protocols : identification of the object of study, analysis and theoretical contributions from research and experimentation, formulation of future scenarios enriched by the advancement of research.

The ANGE classlabs are organized in pan-European and international networks and work in face-to-face or distance learning.

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