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The Novida Lukio’s Classlab

Novida Lukio’s classlab focuses on the development of diversified assessment modalities based on digital technology and on the way to set up didactic situations that allow students to develop also autonomy and collaboration skills. It is led by Leena Hirvonen, an English teacher accompanied by the school management and three other colleagues from different disciplines.

The question guiding the group’s work is the following: how to develop pedagogical evaluation in its different modalities, including self-evaluation and co-evaluation? The reflections concern the definition of the concept of “digital competence”; models for assessing the digital competences of teachers and pupils (DIGCOMP…); methods that enable the development of digital competences (ABP, collaborative work…); learning proposals for the acquisition of competences in the field of information literacy (ALFIN); the design of problem activities to improve digital competences; the use and creation of video games/digital games for the development of digital competences.

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