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The Paul Claudel-d’Hulst’s Classlab 

The classlab of the middle and high school Paul Claudel-d’Hulst initially focuses on the development of innovative teaching spaces and their impact on teaching and learning. It is managed by Mrs Alix de la Fayolle, a French teacher, accompanied by the school management and several teachers from the lycée.

The question guiding the group’s work is: how to transform a classroom into a place of research and experimentation? The reflections fall into 4 directions: making an inventory of new pedagogical models using digital technology; promoting digital inclusion in the classroom; questioning the place of school management in the development and management of digital projects; training teams using the TP model.
In a second phase, the digital steering committee team, in which the management participates, focuses the experimentation on a training approach between and through els pars, known as the “innovative bubble”. The question then arises as to how teachers’ professional development is to be organised, how they are to be supported by their peers and what conditions need to be met, in particular those linked to the management’s commitment to facilitating and enhancing teachers’ initiatives.
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