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This intellectual production 02 focuses on Quebec policies in terms of digital integration and presents the main framework for steering Quebec establishments : action plans. In fact, to establish and operationalize its digital strategy, the Quebec government chose in 2018 to supervise its integration into schools with a digital action plan (PAN) of 5 years duration. Action plans are indeed among the governance arrangements of any organization to operationalize change. Educational institutions are invited to produce an action plan to ensure digital integration in all sectors of activity related to their educational mission.

The intellectual production first presents the content of the PAN of the Government of Quebec and of the Cégep de La Pocatière while recalling the nature of the contribution of this tool, the type of governance with which it is associated and certain elements to consider for a efficient and optimal use of this tool.

Then, pay specific attention to the methods making educational innovation possible through one of the measures recommended by the PAN of Cégep de La Pocatière : training by peers and communities of practice based on the experience of the center. pedagogical learning of ICT (CAPTIC) of its usefulness in piloting digital technology and the challenges that this type of initiative within schools raises. This production is articulated in 4 very distinct stages presented in the following diagram :

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