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Paul Claudel d’Hulst is a catholic college & high school of general education located in the heart of Paris. The school seeks to develop the entire education of its pupils in terms of intellectual, spiritual and physical fulfilment, in order to prepare them for social transformation and international challenges. At college and high school, the pupils learn how to work with an inquisitive mind, perseverance and autonomy which brings out their talents and team spirit.

The Classlab 

The classlab ofPaul Claudel-d'Hulst focuses on the development of innovative educational spaces and their impact on teaching and learning. It is managed by Alix de la Fayolle accompanied by the principal and the teaching teams.

The question that drives the team's work is: how to turn a classroom into a place of research and experimentation? Discussions fall into 4 directions: catalogue new pedagogical models using digital technology; promote digital inclusion in the classroom; question the place of the school management in the development of digital projects; train teams using the TPACK model.

Short presentation of the institution's involvement in the project

The Paul Claudel-d'Hulst secondary school is part of the ANGE project as an experimental school.

Our participation also consisted in the development of a classlab. The use of digital tools met the need for a diversified pedagogy

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