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“G.S.Rakovski” Romance Languages Secondary School is part of the bilingual secondary stream in Bulgaria. It is a state secondary school that provides intensive study of foreign languages. The college participate in various European projects. Its experience has allowed it to put the European dimension of education into practice.

The Classlab

The classlab of the G.S.Rakovski Romance Language High School focuses on the use of digital technology in distance learning for better inclusion (disability, foreign students, dropouts). It is managed by Nikolay Nikolov with the principal and the educational teams.

The question that drives the work of the team is: how to use digital technology to allow students (who can not attend classes or exams) to take training and obtain degrees?

To answer this, the team deployed a distance learning platform thinking on the use of ICT in education and experimenting serious video games as training tools.

Short presentation of the institution's involvement in the project

The Rakovski High School is part of the ANGE project as an experimental school. Our activity is focused on the use of ICT in distance education using different digital platforms including the Moodle platform.

Our efforts are also focused on the reverse classroom and the use of innovative methods in secondary education.

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