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The Catholic University of Paris (ICP) has 6 faculties, several institutes and a research lab. Each year, the ICP welcomes more than 10,000 students, a third of whom are of foreign origin. It weaves and maintains links with more than 160 partners around the world. In 2013, ICP has opened a Learning Lab whose mission is to develop digital culture. Its project focuses on educational activities using video.

The Lab

Today, innovation and digital technology help educational practices and dissemination of knowledge. In 2013, the Catholic University of Paris founded a digital lab name “l’Atelier du Numérique” (the Digital Workshop) which has three missions: research and training, the making of educational resources and the development of pedagogical and technological innovations. It is based in working-space including a film studio to shoot video and classrooms dedicated to innovation.

Its philosophy is based on the setting up and conducting of projects, experimentation between its members, collaboration with teachers and researchers of the Catholic University of Paris.

Short presentation of the institution's involvement in the project

ICP's involvement in the ANGE project, as a higher education institution, focuses on the research axis with a particular involvement in innovation and experimentation (classlab model), as well as the animation of the project's website.

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Catholic University of Paris

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