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AECG is the head quarters of the Catholic Education network in Gironde (74 schools and more than  36,000 students). AECG services the network and helps to provide the means necessary to accomplish the respective missions of the Director of Education for the diocese (I.e. assistance with the organization and management of human and financial ressources). In 2016, AECG inaugurated a new mission statement “ECG 2030”.

The Lab

The principle of the lab is based on meetings between actors of the educational system to analyze and propose scenarios of pedagogical piloting. The objective is to communicate, mutualize, valorize practices in order to develop them, to increase them.  The objective is also to create a network to exchange practices in Gironde (South West part of France), to co-build innovative proposals from thoughts coming from different actors of the education system (teachers, school heads, educational executives, researchers, institutional) .  It is about integrating the path of professional development through exchange, thought, monitoring, tool making and building innovation through proven practices on the ground.

Short presentation of the institution's involvement in the project

AECG, coordinator of the ANGE project, is more specifically in charge of coordinating the research-action unit in conjunction with the pan-European and international team (researchers from the universities of Romania, France, Spain, members of the CEGEP de la Pocatière, heads of institutions, teachers and trainers) in charge of supporting the experiments in the 4 institutions in Finland, Bulgaria, France, Belgium and the coordination of the Think Tank and the programming of the webinars.

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