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Futuroscope Innovative High School – Poitiers, France


Lycée Pilote Innovant (or LP2I) is a general and technological high school located on the site of the Futuroscope in France since 1987. It trains teenagers for the French Baccalauréat (High School Graduate) and two certificates. Its human size, its pedagogical project focused on the student, its computer network and its opening constitute assets for the young people whom it welcomes.

The Educational Project

Each teacher completes a weekly follow-up assignment for 12 schoolgirls and schoolboys. It is at the heart of the teenager's project: during the sessions, the teacher analyzes with the teenager her/his academic results, helps her/him make the best use of LP2I devices to reach his goals, negotiates with her/him her/his project of orientation.The teaching team has a computer monitoring tool: "the observatory", a kind of webfolio in which the year is divided into several periods. For each period, each teacher indicates in his/her discipline, using a very simple coding system, where the teenager is located, which makes it possible to quickly identify teenagers in difficulty and which also makes it possible to guide her/him in his choices of activities. This principle allows teachers to submit activities according to the needs expressed by the schoolgirls and boys, to the results or the teaching programs.One of the aspects of the LP2I project is the flexible management of school time: unmarked half-days are devoted to the in-depth studies, support and remediation, as well as to the teenagers’ follow-up. Support and deepening are school activities proposed by teachers, chosen by the schoolgirls and boys, according to their needs.There are also interdisciplinary modules to develop transversal projects (radio broadcasts, blogs, videos, slideshows).

An educational laboratory: the Future Classroom Lab

The Future Classroom Lab (FCLP2I) is composed by three spaces for ​​more than 200 m2 dedicated to educational innovation. These three rooms and their particular layout are intended to inspire new educational scenarios, new ways of teaching and learning.
  • The video space makes it possible to involve a person from the "real world" to launch a debate, to bring out a problem, to support a project, etc.
  • The collaborative room is dedicated to the investigation process (virtual laboratories on adjustable desk, sit-stand, large high table to experiment with puzzles or virtual reality glasses, etc.). This room with flexible furniture and painted walls allows collaboration in multiple forms and changing. It must allow teenagers to express their ideas and share them.
  • The Project Space, as its name indicates, is a space dedicated to project-based pedagogy.

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Futuroscope Innovative High School – Poitiers, France

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